SouthField Church

Green Lake Missions Trip

June 3rd - June 8th, 2018


Ready for a week you'll NEVER forget? Great, because this year's trip is going to be our best ever!

We'll still spend mornings working, afternoons playing, and evenings learning, but we've added some twists that are going to blow your mind.

Longer jet ski rides are an optional add-on this year, so be sure to add it if you plan to go!


July 12th - July 15th, 2018


Our goal for OMEGA is to provide several days for students to get away from life, experience the beauty of the outdoors, engage their Creator in deep worship, and be transformed through life-changing teaching. An incredibly unforgettable experience, some call it "the best week of your life, ever." Others just stand in awe, jaw dropped in stunned silence at the sheer majestic beauty of this wonderful 4 days of euphoria. If you don't come, you will regret it!